Motivation Through Body Language


There is this expression that says:

I'm sorry I can’t hear you. Who you are is speaking so loudly….”>

It implies the truism that:

"You can lie through your teeth, but the rest of your body will give it away!"

Your words come from what you choose to say: your body language reflects what you believe about what you say.

Understand that most everyone is a body language expert on an unconscious level, and it is where most people’s ‘gut feelings’ come from.

When what you say is reflected in your body language, you are felt to be honest, charismatic, and trustworthy.

When you need to be influential you need to convey a level of confidence and integrity. The biggest giveaway that these traits are absent comes from your body language.

Just as you learned to control what are called the ‘word whiskers’: ahs… and ums…of speech to appear more eloquent, you can rid yourself of the body’s ahems… in order to be more in control and confident.

There are two things you need to know to master body language:

  1. What someone is telling you with their body language?
  2. What you are telling them with yours.

A Training Seminar Full of substance and laughter


by Phil L. Méthot

  • A seminar, workshop designed to get you ‘in touch’ with your body language and its impact on others.
  • A crash course in reading how people are responding to what youare saying.
  • An opportunity tobecome a powerful communicator, both as the speaker and the listener.

Q:Is it important in your business to know what people think of you?

Q: Wouldn’t it be easy to just look at them and know?


This body language seminar is very effective for people in these disciplines:

  • Sales And Sales Management
  • Management and Supervisors
  • Presenters, speakers,
  • Trainers

“Communication is so important to our everyday lives, yet we have ignored learning the most important aspect of it.”

Would you try to sell something to someone by talking through the door of their office?

People will literally close the door of their mind to you – and tell you that they’ve done it...

...yet many people continue to talk right through the closed door!Learn how to read the signs, and to react to them instantly so that you can get people to re-open the door to you.

"Never again try to sell to someone who has left the building in the middle of your presentation."

Learn to Speak Body Language!

Become A Powerful Magnet To People In Almost No Time!

  • Learn to make your body say exactly what your words are saying too. That is what sells trust.
  • Motivate by being an enticing leader.
  • Radiate charisma, genuine charm, and appear interesting.
  • Be able to tell from looking at someone, that you are actually in the state of being understood, believed, or liked.
  • Get rid of your body’s um and ahs…

You will see the difference right away in the way other people treat you. Don’t be surprised if they ask you if you’ve done something to your hair, or if you’re wearing a new outfit!

  • Presented with humor and endurance by: Phil L. Méthot
  • Works best with an audience of 8 or more up to about 30 individuals
  • Video feedback sessions.
  • In house or hotel conference room
  • Sales and presentation examples tailored to industry.
  • 2-3 hour presentation depending on group size.

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